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It's all about delivering your message.

We help you package and deliver your message to the right people by building a website that allows you to leverage the power of Google to reach out to your potential customers.

You only have to be better than your competitors.

Make a list of your key search phrases, known as “keywords” and search Google. Are these websites your competitors? Study each of their websites. Remember you only have to do a little better than the competition. Research on your competitors means more than reading all the content on their website. You need to understand how the world views their websites. We like using the SpyFu website to study competitors. This is a, very complete, free service with additional services available for a small fee.

Define success, what are your expectations?

How much are you willing to invest to reach your goals. Think in terms of your whole advertising budget. In 2015 the Internet surpassed all other forms of advertising expenditures.

What's your budget?

Tell us how much you have to spend and we will tell you what we can accomplish for that amount. Our typical custom website projects run in the $3,000 to $10,000 range. If your budget is smaller consider our EZ Mobile Pages product. Remember is all about delivering your message to your potential customers, the physical website is a secondary factor.