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Critical considerations for website success in 2019

  1. The majority of Google searches are done on smartphones by impatient users. In 2018 Google launched its "Mobile-First" strategy. Judging all websites as mobile websites setting loading speed as a major consideration for search engine results page placement.
  2. Page loading speed is critical. After one second its all downhill. If your web page took more than 2.5 seconds to load you just lost half of your traffic, cutting the value of your website in half. If you are running pay-per-click ads the cost of an effective click doubled. If your website is a "responsive" WordPress website its slow loading speed means that only 25% of the clicks you paid for actually waited for your landing page to load
  3. Let Google help you by using Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is an open source web development framework championed by Google. AMP pages are very fast on their own with Google pitching in by caching them for almost instant, lighting fast delivery directly from its search results pages. Notice the lighting bolt symbols the next time you do a mobile search. As an added bonus AMP pages are the only ones qualified to be displayed in the new search results carousel format.
At Alpha Group Software we can build dedicated AMP web pages to supplement selected pages in your existing website. We do this by copying and converting content; text, photos, Youtube videos, carousels, etc. from your website. Your website stays intact with only one line of code added to each copied page  to prevent a duplicate content penalty and to advise Google that an AMP version of the page exists.