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Implementing a mobile strategy while embracing Google's transition from a search engine to an answer engine.

We help our clients understand and implement a mobile-first / user-first strategy while embracing Google's transition from a search engine to an answer engine.

Why is "Mobile First" Suddenly So Important?

Why is "Mobile First" Suddenly So Important?

Every website owner knows high ranking Google search results are the first step toward website success. In July of 2018, Google started indexing all websites as mobile websites because 60% of all internet traffic takes place with smartphones or tablets. Websites must be mobile friendly to be included high in the search results, especially when the search occurs on a mobile device. 

You should also ask why does Google have a 90% share of the search market? Because their search results provide links to websites where users have a positive experience. Websites with the most relevant, authoritative, original, quality information, delivered in a manner suitable for mobile devices. At Alpha Group Software we build websites that embrace all aspects of Googles Mobile First strategy.

We build very fast, mobile websites and web apps, embracing Google's "Mobile First" and "User First" philosophies.

Its all about your message.

We see our task as delivering your message in an efficient cost-effective manner, not building award-winning graphic art masterpieces. Its all about helping you communicate with your prospective customers.

Less than full attention from your visitors

The majority of your web visitors are using mobile devices so it is imperative to focus and deliver your message accordingly. Mobile device users are frequently involved in other activities while viewing web pages or apps resulting in a limited attention span.  A simple message delivered quickly is the key to success.

Page loading speed drives technology choices

If your page takes more than 3 seconds to load you will lose 53% of your visitors. Page loading speed became an official part of Google's "Mobile First" doctrine in July 2018 making it a significant factor when ranking web pages in their search results. We build web pages that follow all Google mobile first guidelines while working equally well on desktops and laptops. In addition to conventional CMS (Content Management System) driven websites, we build AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) and PWA (Progressive Web Apps)

Let Google test your website.


Mobile website experience is different

Let's face it, the mobile website experience is different than a desktop experience so why would want to deliver your message in exactly the same way to both environments? A typical "responsive" website is a compromise, simply rearranging the same content for different screen sizes.
Dedicated mobile and desktop websites, is the very best solution but most small business owners do not want to maintain two websites.
With EZ mobile pages can deliver two unique visitor experiences, mobile, and desktop on the same platform. When preparing your message you can create some or all of your information blocks to have both mobile and desktop versions. On a desktop, you may wish to describe something in great detail with a lengthy paragraph, while you may find it more practical to present the same information to the mobile visitor as a series of bullet points.

Online Success is a Simple, Three-Step Process

  1. Rank high in Google Search Results, by following all the Google, mobile first, website guidelines.
  2. Write an enticing page title and description for Google to present in their search results.
  3. Present timely, interesting, original content to your website visitors with a clear call to action.

Search Results Ranking

If you don't show up in search engine results, no one will know your website exists, so it won't matter how your website looks or how great your products and services are.

From Google's perspective loading speed is a major consideration when judging a website for inclusion in Google's search results. Worldwide 70% of all mobile phones are running on 3G networks so Google evaluates loading speed with a robot simulating a 3G connection. Our websites all score "excellent" on the Google speed test and other mobile-first guidelines, thus ensuring favorable consideration for inclusion in Google's Search Results.

You may be saying to yourself, "all my customers are in the US and have high-speed connections so my responsive WordPress website runs fast enough for them to have a positive experience." We would agree with your logic, but remember we want to rank high in Google's results and they want to test your website with a simulated 3G connection. Click here and let Google test your website.

High in the Search Results Ranking

Congratulations you are one-third of the way to website success. The results displayed for your web page are generally taken directly from your page title and your meta tag description. This is the introduction to your website, your salesperson. It is your chance to make a first impression.

It's really important, so take the time to write it well or have a professional write these for you. If you do a good job, a searcher will click and go to your website. This puts you two-thirds of the way toward website success.

One of the other factors that will help you move in the search results is a high click-through rate. This is the ratio of the impressions (when your information is presented in the search results) to the number of times people click through to your website. Google shares this ratio with you in the search console

The Final Step to Success - Your Message

Timely and interesting original content with a clear call to action. We recommend that website owners start with the call to action and work backward from there.

You need a clear definition of what constitutes success, so you can create a path to attain it. We help our clients to do this by giving them a simple homework assignment, as follows:

  • Imagine you are looking for the products or services you provide. Make a list of search phrases and try them. The results should show your competitors. Make a list and study their websites. You may want to run their sites through the Google mobile-friendly test and speed tests to see what you are up against.
  • We encourage our clients to write a 500-word description about the subject they wish to promote on their website. In helping our client to write for the web we suggest they write in the first person, as though they are sitting across the table from their web visitor.
  • When your initial content is created, and you have a good idea who your competitors are, and the strength of their web presence, it’s time to build a website.

Remember, the message is much more important than the structure of the website. Fast and simple is better than flashy and entertaining. Dazzling slide shows that distract people from reading the message are counterproductive.

At Alpha Group Software, we build complete website success solutions from simple low-cost solutions to still-simple, higher-cost solutions. Whatever it takes to place your message in front of your potential customers ahead of the competition. 

If you have a successful website, that is not mobile friendly you may want to consider building a dedicated mobile site to supplement it. This is often a quick, interim solution to keep your company from disappearing from the web.

Our EZ Mobile Pages package is a platform well worth considering. Here is an overview of its benefits:

  • Mobile websites built on the EZ Mobile Pages score "Excellent" on the Google tests.
  • One fixed price, for a complete mobile website success package.
  • EZ Mobile Page sites fully embrace the Google "Mobile First" strategy while working equally as well on desktops and laptops.
  • If you have basic computer skills, eg: e-mail, word processor etc. You can fully manage your EZ Mobile Pages website. Editing and adding pages and content.
  • This website is running the EZ Mobile Pages platform. If it was yours it would have cost you less than $1,800 which includes the first year of "Managed Hosting" on our high-performance servers. Or we will upload to any hosting provider you choose. Learn More